CIDCO Lottery Documents 2020

CIDCO, City and Industrial Documentation Corporation. About this housing scheme all the details are available in our articles. In our pages of article we mentioned all the details about this housing scheme.

In this article we are talking about the Documents. So, documents after hearing or seeing this word we only think about the legal or some work about the government. And this the right thing, because in every where documentation is the point and topic for legal works.

cidco lottery registration
cidco lottery registration

For this Housing scheme we also need some documents. Because if you are buying your own house then you need your legal house papers.

Through this CIDCO lottery 2020 housing scheme we are doing the documentation for those candidates who are interested in the CIDCO housing scheme and also filling the application form.

You need some documents at the time of application form filling.

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Salary Certificate

All the documents are compulsory to scan or to submit with the application form. Without submitting the application form your application form will not be accepted in the CIDCO Lottery 2020 Housing Scheme.

Because if you don’t submit your original documents, in case if you are selected in the housing scheme then how will you get your legal papers of your house, and how can you find that.

Through your documents you can find your house number and location of your flat. Because, through the help of aadhaar number we can find our information. It can be recorded in the government office.

If you are buying the property from any realtor then you have you submit your documents. Through the help of documents the builder of CIDCO government allot the flat and also location, they can also make the legal papers of flat with mention all the details of your flat.

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