CIDCO Lottery AIM 2020

Every year CIDCO launches the thousands of flats for every candidate of Maharashtra. This housing is only for the Maharashtra peoples.

The biggest aim of CIDCO Lottery 2020 housing is to provide the house to every Maharashtra citizen. Those who are living on the road side, their monthly monthly income is very low and they can not buy their own house.

CIDCO is doing the good thing to gave the house to each and every peoples who are living on the road side or in the rental house.

cidco lottery registration fees
cidco lottery registration fees

Because they are providing the thousands of the rent amount monthly to the owner of the building. So the government of CIDCO is creating some new thing why they are proving the thousands of amount monthly.

So the government thinks that they should buy their own and live in their own house, if they are paying the rent after 10 year their house will be rental house, but if you are selected in the CIDCO Lottery 2020 housing and you are filling the house installment monthly then after 10 that house will be converted in your name.

After that you are the owner of the house, No one can replace you from that house because that is your own house. But in the rental house you can replace any time if your are not give the rent amount time to time.

But this rule is not applicable in the CIDCO lottery 2020 housing scheme. Because in this housing you can select your installment date according to your salary date.

You have the 10 days of the time at the date selected by you for the installment. After the 10 days of installment the government of CIDCO is some extra charge for the extend of date but they will not say to leave this house.

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