8th day of Navratri 2021

Wishing you very Happy Navratri !

The 8th day of Navratri is dedicated to the Goddess Mahagauri. The 8th day of Navratri is the eight incarnation of Goddess Durag known as Mahagauri.On this day , Goddess Mahagaguri came to visit their devotees and bless them for their bhakti and prayers.

However, this day is celebrated as Kanya Pujan means on this day , people feed the 9 to 7 girls food and give gifts to them with the belief of goddess incarnation visiting them and they are serving them. The 8th day of Navratri is also known as ‘Durga ashtami’.

durga ashtami

On this day , people go for special worship , prayers , chants , mantra and stuti of Goddess Mahagauri to impress her and show their love and respect for her , considering them your real feeling of Mother.On this day , people worship and visit temples of ‘Goddess Mahagauri’.

8th day of Navrartri , you should do it!

  • On this day , you should wear white or yellow clothes , as it is her favorite color.
  • On this day , you should offer bhog of milk and their products such as kheer , rasgulla or Kalakand.
  • On this day , you should offer white flowers such as white rose in the form of honouring.
  • On this day ,  you should feed food to the poor or needy people or girls and help them financially or any other way which is actually meant by Goddess Mahagauri and Navratri.
  • On this day , you should consider fasts or upvas for the Goddess Mahagauri to show your love and respect for her as mother.

Puja Vidhi of 8th day of Navratri of Goddess Mahagauri 

  • Take a holy bath and wear new or washed clothes.
  • Clean the pooja ghar and spread the droplets of Gangajal or holy water.
  • Then , lay silky red new cloth and stapith Goddess Mahagauri clay idol or picture.
  • Then , offer red dupatta , sindoor , ghee , dhoop, diya , askat , roli , kumkum etc. puja ingredients.
  • However, the Puja begins with Ganesh Vandana.
  • Then , begin puja by commending aarati , mantra and stuti of Goddess Mahagauri.
  • Then , offer them bhog of ‘Milk’ and take jyoth.
durga ashtami mantra

About Goddess Mahagauri 

  • Goddess Mahagauri is seated on a cow.
  • Goddess Mahagauri is crowned with a half moon designed.
  • Goddess Mahagauri had four hands in which she held Conch , chakra, bow and arrow.
  • Goddess Mahagauri is wearing a saree and there are ornaments which look like mothers who are always for their children/devotees.

All the Dates of Navratri of 8th day of 2020

Day Date
Magha Gupta Navratri 1 Feb 2020
Chaitra Navratri 1 April 2020
Ashadha gupta Navratri 29 June 2020
Shardiya Navratri 24 Oct 2020

Significance of Goddess Mahagauri worship/Importance of celebration of 8th day of Navratri 

  • It is believed that by worshipping her she will provide you strength and power to face your problems or worries.
  • Goddess Mahagauri is always with their devotees in hidden form and well blessed with their requests.
  • Goddess Mahagauri is a mother like figure for their devotees and demon figure for their enemies.
  • Goddess Mahagauri is their children who came in under their shed with purity of ming , heart and bhakti.
  • Goddess Mahagauri led their children to a positive and right path and capable of fighting for their worries.
  • Goddess Mahagauri provides happiness, prosperity , health and wealth to their children.
  • On the 8th day of Navratri , it is said that Goddess Mahagauri came to complete the fasts of nvratrti of their children and bless them.

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