6th day of Navratri 2021

Wishing you very Happy Navrarti!

The 6th day of Navratri is dedicated to the Goddess Katyayani.Goddess Katyayani is the sixth incarnation of Goddess Durga.On this day , Goddess Katyanai came on the earth to bless and remain for one day with them.

However , it is believed that in Dwaparyug women had wished for alike krishna Husband had worshipped Goddess Katyayani.Goddess Katyayani is worshipped and prayed on the 6th day of navratri. On the fifth day of navratri , Goddess Katyayani is serviced by their devotees in the form of puja and bhakti with purity of mind and heart.

katyayani mantra

Meaning of Goddess Katayayni 

  • Goddess Katayayni is known by the name of father Katyayan Rishi.
  • Goddess Katyayani is known as the form of adi shakti or Durga.
  • Goddess Katayayni is also known as ‘Mahisasur Vinashini’ as she killed the demon named Mahisasur.

About Goddess Katayayni 

  • Goddess Katyayani rides on the lion.
  • Goddess Katyayani had four hands.
  • In Right hand holding the sword.
  • In Left hand Lotus hand.
  • In the upper hand both sides form Varumudra and Abhaya Mudra.
  • Goddess Katayani had worn a saree of red color and crown on their hand.
  • Her appearance delighted the visioner and environment.
  • As She had three eyes on their head and half between eye borrows .

On the 6th day of Navrarri , you should do it!

katyayani devi
  • On this day , you should wear dark and strong orange color as it is dear to Goddess Katyayani.
  • On this day , you should offer bhogh of Honey or Malpua (Indian sweet dish) as it lists in favourites of Goddess Katyayani.
  • On this day , you should offer red flowers such as red roses to her as it is dear to her.
  • On this day , chanting their chants 108 times with purity of bhakti.
  • On this day , invite nine girls for food in the form of inviting nine goddesses for lunch and give them.
  • On this day , people should donate and help poor or needy people , which actually impress Goddess Katayayni.

All the Sixth day Navratri dates of 2020

Day Date
Magha Gupta Navratri 29 Jan 2020
Chaitra Navratri29 March 2020
Ashadha Gupta Navratri26 June 2020
Shardiya Navratri21 Oct 2020

Puja Vidhi for Goddess Katyayani/5th day of Navratri 

  • Goddess Katyayani puja begins by applying Tilak on our forehead and drinking holy water such as Gangajal on palm and drinking it.
  •  Then , offers flowers and water to the Goddess Katyayani
  • Then , offer Sandalwood , flowers , askhat (combination of rice and water).
  • Take the picture or clay idol of Goddess Katyayani for bath with cow milk , curd , honey and sugar.
  • Then , put a tilak on her head and wear new clothes .
  • Then apply sindoor , kajal , bangles and sandalwood.
  • Then , deviate dhoop , divya and aarti to her and after aarti sing their mantra and stuti.
  • Offer bhog to her and take her jyoth and continue your scheduled work.

Significance of worshiping Goddess Katyayani/Importance of 6th day of Navratri

  • By worshipping Goddess Katyayani it will clear all the problems relating to committing marriage.
  • By celebrating the sixth day of Navratri you provide beauty and knowledge on the way of life.
  • By considering puja and Bhakti of Goddess Katyayani will provide all the benefits related to the Jupiter planet.
  •  Goddess Katyayani provides happiness , success and prosperity in their devotees’ lives.
  • Goddess Katayayani secures their devotees from highest care and compassion.
  • Goddess Katayayni is the enemy of the demons and mother for their children/devotees.
  • Goddess Katyayani always with their devotees in hidden form and grant their request with pure and clean mind and heart.

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