5th day of Navratri 2021

Wishing you very Happy Navratri !

5th day of Navratri is the fifth incarnation of Goddess Durga Known as Goddess Skandamata.Goddess Skandamata is also known as symbol of women power.According to Hindu terminology , Goddess Skandamata visit earth on every fifth day of navratri to define their appearance and blessings to their devotees/children.

On the Fifth day of Navratri , people worship Goddess Skandamata and remain in their bhakti with purity of mind , heart and cleanliness for their mother.Goddess Skandamata is known as another form of power and knowledge. 

skandamata bhog

Meaning of Skandamata

  • Goddess Skandamata is known as she is the mother of Kartik (Skandha).And at the time of Devasur Sangram , she became the commander of gods in war.
  • Goddess Skandamata was also known as ‘Goddess Prastuta’..

About Goddess Skandamata

  • Goddess Skandamata is holy seated on the Lion .
  • As the Goddess Skandamata is fierce abhaya mudra on lotus flowers.
  • Goddess Skandamata had four hands. 
  • In their Right Hand she is Holding ‘Skand’ , while in the right upper hand holding Lotus Flower.
  • In their Left hand in the form of as she is giving blessing to their children/devotees , while in left upper hand holding Lotus flower.
  • Goddess Skandamata’s appearance is glowing like the sun as near to the planet of mercury.
  • Goddess Skandamata is wearing a red saree and her head is crowned.

5th day of Navrarti , you should do it!

skandamata mantra
  • On this day , you should wear Yellow clothes, as this colour is dear to Goddess Skandamata.
  • On this day , you should offer Yellow flowers or their garland such as sunflower , yellow rose , lily etc.
  • On this day , you should offer bhogh of Kesar kheer or Banana as it is dear to Goddess Skandamata.
  • On this day , with puja you should practice Goddess Skandamata mantra , stuti with purity of mind and love.
  • On this day , you should practice fasts or upvash which shows your bhakti and impresses the Goddess.
  • On this day , it is you feed food to nine girls as the incarnation of Goddess Durga or help any poor or needy financial or basic necessities which actually meant by Goddess Skandamata.
  • At the time of worshipping Goddess Skandamata go with Panchapur Vidhi.

5th day of Navratri dates of 2020

Day Date
Magha Gupta Navratri 29 Jan 2020
Chaitra Navratri29 March 2020
Ashadha Gupta Navratri 26 June 2020
Shardiya Navratri 21 oct 2020

Puja Vidhi of 5th day of Navratri 

  • First of all wake up early and wear clean and new clothes.
  • Clean the puja house and stapith Goddess Skandamata Picture or idol in the Puja house.
  • Then , split droplets of Ganga Jal .
  • Then , take a Kalash and put some coins , front of Puja ghar.
  • Then , pledge for the puja ghar.
  • Offers Roli , kumkum to the Goddess Skandamata.
  • Then , deviate dhoop  and divya to the Aarti.
  • Then offers bhogh to the Goddess and takes jyoth.

Importance of 5th day of Navratri/Significance to worship Goddess Skandamata

  • By worshipping Goddess Skandamata will provide the blessings of fast and radiant.
  • Goddess Skandamanta will provide the blessings of becoming parents.
  • With the puja and Bhakti of the 5th day of Navratri by wearing white clothes goddess will save you from diseases and provide you good health.
  • By considering their chanting chants of Goddess Skandamata helps in increasing wisdom and blessings of knowledge.
  • Goddess Skandamata will provide family peace and wealth to their devotees.
  • Goddess Skandamata provides wealth to the business of management , commerce and banking.
  • With the Goddess Skandamata provide happiness , prosperity , health and peace among their devotees’ life , if their bhakti is purity and clean.
  • She always remains with their devotees in hidden form and secures them from problems or issues , always for their children and their smile.

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