4th Day of Navratri 2021

Wishing you very Happy Navratri !

The 4th day of Navratri is dedicated to the ‘Goddess Kushmanda’. According to Hindu terminology , on the 4th day of Navratri Goddess Kushmanda came to the Earth to bless their devotees and spread the smile and wellness among the environment.

Goddess Kushmanda day is celebrated on the fourth day because Goddess Kushmanada is the fourth incarnation of Goddess Durga.On this day , Goddess Kushmanada visits earth to overcome the problems of their devotees and to show their appearance among the world in hidden form.

kushmanda devi mantra
kushmanda devi mantra

4th Day of Navratri , you should do it!

  • Goddess Kushmanda is puja and their celebration should be committed by wearing Green color.
  • On this day , with the puja you should deviate the Hibiscus flower as it is very dear to her.
  • On this day , with the bhogh you should offer ‘Milk , curd and Halwa’ to the Goddess as it listed in her favorites.
  • On this day , you can practice fasts or upas to show your bhakti and purity for your mother named Goddess Kushmanda.
  • On this day , provide food to the nine girls as the incarnation of Goddess Durga and give gifts in form of honouring Goddess.
  • On this day , we should help the poor or needy people , especially girls by providing them financial services or varieties which actually means to the Goddess Kushmanada and bless you.

Meaning of Kushmanada

kushmanda puja mantra
kushmanda puja mantra
  • Goddess Kushmanda’s name is a combination of three words which is ‘Ku+Ushma + anda’. However , the Ku stands for ‘Little’. Ushma stands for ‘Energy or Warmth’ and Anda for cosmic egg.
  • With the Combination of Name , she had capability to live in the sun due to their glow , power and capabilities.
  • Goddess Kushmanda is also known as ‘Ashtabhuja devi’ as she gives direction to rise and power to spirit up.

About Goddess Kushmanada

  • Goddess Kushmanda is seated on the Lion and their appearance shines like the sun.
  • Goddess Kushmanda has eight hands in which she holds Arrow , chakra , mace , amrit kalash , Lotus and Kamal Mandal while on the other hand she holds Siddhi and Nidhi rosary.
  • Goddess Kushmanda wearing a red saree and garland of rose flowers.
  • Goddess Kushmanda is looking like a Mother for their children and their problems.
  • Goddess Kushmanda’s appearance is ready to kill all demons who are spreading crises and love for their children who came in her shed.
  • Goddess Kushmanda is smiling and wearing a crown which defines her as the mother of the world known as “Maa Kushmanda”.
  • Goddess Kushmanda is a young avatar/incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

Puja Vidhi of 4th day of Navratri 

  • To be very clear with the puja of Goddess Kushmanda , you have to take bath early in the morning and then perform the puja.
  • Bath the clay idol of Goddess Kushmanda with milk and then offer Red colour (Red Gulal) , Red flowers such as rose or hibiscus , sindhoor, Dhoop, divya and Naivedya.
  • With this , commit puja of Goddess Kushmanada in ritual manner by considering their aarti , mantra and stuti.
  • Then , offer bhogh and take jyoth and prasad as blessings of Goddess Kushmanda.

4th day of all Navratri’s date of 2020

Day Date 
Magha Gupta Navratri28 Jan 2020
Chaitra Navratri28 March 2020
Ashadha Gupta Navratri 25 June 2020
Shardiya Navratri20 oct 2020

Importance of 4th Day of Navratri/Significance of worshipping Goddess Kushmanda

  • By worshipping Goddess Kushmanada it will save you from diseases and bring health in your life.
  • With the puja of the 4th day of Navratri , Goddess Kushmanada will clear all the sadness.
  • Goddess Kushmanda will provide success and easily provide the ultimate position in their life.
  • Goddess Kushmanda will provide energy and glow to their devotees to grace and succeed in their life.
  • By celebrating Goddess Kushmanda on the 4th day of Navratri in rituals , she will enter your place and solve all your problems or worries and changes into happiness and wealth.
  • Goddess Kushmanada shed their devotees and always with their children in the form of Hidden.
  • Goddess Kushmanda appearance of love and mother figure who is directing their children to way of shine and positivity. 

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