2nd Day of Navratri 2021

Wishing you very Happy Navratri !

The 2nd day of Navratri is the day of Goddess Brahmacharini. 2nd day of Bramhcharini which reflects the meaning of Bramh. Hence , it is continue to navrati. This is day where the people get to know about the austerity , bhakti of God and fasts.

On this day , people worship Goddess Brahmacharini due to their penance and appearance. On this day , it is believe that Goddess Brahmacharini visit earth to bless their devotes and spread positivity and happiness in the environment.

brahmacharini mantra

Meaning of Brahmacharini

The Name of the Goddess Brahmacharini is a combination of two words , one is Brahma and another is charini.However , the meaning of ‘Brahm’ stands for God and ‘Charini’ stands for women disciple.

Combination of words , mean for the Brahmacharini : “A Unmarried Girl who is always absorbed in the disciple of God”.

2nd day of Navratri , you should do it!

  • On this day , you should wear yellow clothes as the favourite colour of Goddess Brahcharini.
  • On this day , you should offer a bhog which is a combination of Mishri and sugar as it is dear to her.
  • On this day , you should delicate Lotus flower to them , as it is dear to her.
  • With this , you have to chant the mantra of Goddess Brahcharini at the times of 108 which bring Good luck.
  • On this day , we should provide food to the poors and needy people or donate some basic necessities which actually impress the Goddess Brahmacharini.

About Brahmacharini

brahmacharini bhog

Goddess Brahmacharini is the second incarnation of Goddess Durga , she is also known as Adi Shakti.Goddess Brahmacharini is known as Goddess of Knowledge and wisdom.

Goddess Brahmacharini is known as Aparana too as she penance for the lord shiva in jungle living with trees and animals.Goddess Brahmacharini had devoted their life in the Bhakti and penance , as no one can compete their penance and purity.

Goddess Brahmacharini is known as she had done hard penance for the thousands of years to marry with the Lord Shiva.She did penance without food or water for the years.She did penance in the jungle among the trees and animals.

Appearance of Goddess Brahmacharini

Goddess Bracharimi seems to be very graceful and beautiful.As she has two hands in which seems commending Chanting chants (Japa mala) and in left hand Kamandal.As she is wearing white saree and wearing flower ornaments.She just looking alike Tapaswini which is spreading positive vibes.

In simple words , Goddess Brahmcharini has appeared as a Maiden girl who is filled with wisdom”.

2nd day of Navratri all dates of 2020

Magha Gupta Navratri26 Jan 2020
Chaitra Navratri26 March 2020
Ashadha Gupta Navratri23 June 2020
Shardiya Navratri18 oct 2020

Puja Vidhi of 2nd Day of Navratri

  • First of all wake up early and take a holy bath.
  • Then , clean your puja ghar.
  • Then , take a clay idol of Goddess Brahmacharini for Bath with Milk , curd , perfume , honey and sugar.
  • Then offers flowers , Sandalwood , Sugar candy , cloves , cardamom.
  • Then , perform puja in which Goddess Brahmacharini aarti , mantra and chantings were involved.
  • Then , offer her both sugar candy and sugar.

Importance of Goddess Brahmacharini

  • By Worshiping Goddess Brahmacharini , she always blesses their children with blessings of Penance , chanting wisdom ,  quietness and patience.Goddess bracharini saves their children from the problems and hidden support.
  • Goddess Brahmacharini brings peace and serenity in the mind and degree of self confidence.Goddess Brahmacharini appearances stands for positivity and to bless the request of their devotees but with purity of mind and Bhakti for her.
  • Goddess Brahmcharini secure their devotees from impatience and mental pressure , always guide them.Goddess bramhcharini helps to succeed in your life as a human.Goddess Brahmacharini is a type of mother to their devotees.
  • By worshipping Goddess brahmacharini their devotees get the power of devotion and knowledge.

For News regarding the Navratri and Diwali , you may visit our official website ‘buy2bhk.com’.Hope you get all the schedule for the celebration of 2nd day of Navratri or Goddess Brahmacharini day.Stay safe , updated and blessed with us.Thank You!

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