1st Day of Navaratri 2021

Wishing you very Happy Navratri !

1st Day of Navratri , day of Goddess Shailputri.1st Day of navratri is offered to the Goddess Durage First incarnation named ‘Goddess Shailputri’.On 1st Day of Navratri ‘Ghatasthapana’ and Goddess Shailputri Puja took place on same day.

1st Day of Navratri is the beginning of navratri.On this day , people wake up early and take bath , clean their puja ghar and Staph Goddess Durga and their incarnation for nine days. On these days , many people visit the temples , holy places of Goddess Durga.

shailputri puja
shailputri puja

On this day , people prefer various chants , puja’s , mantras of Goddess Shailputri to impress her and grant their request to them.It is believed that Goddess Shailputri visit earth during Shardiya  mass of Navratri to bless their children and fulfill their wishes.

1st Day of Navratri  , you should do it!

  • On this day , you should wear Yellow clothes as it is the favorite color of Goddess Shailputri.
  • On this day , we should offer jasmine flowers to the Goddess Shailputri which is dear to her.
  • On this day , you should offer ‘White Barfi’ to the Goddess Shailputri in the form of Bhogh.
  • With this , you should practice Shodasopachara puja with the Ganesh Vandana with Puja and Arati of Goddess Shailputri.
  • With this , you should decorate her puja ghar and perform dandiya in the evening which impresses her.
  • On this day , you should go for the donations that help the poor or needy people, especially women which actually impress Goddess Shailputri and stand for the real meaning of Navratri.

Puja Vidhi of 1st Day of Navratri of Goddess Shailputri

shailputri mantra
shailputri mantra
  • First you have to consider the ‘Ghatasthapana’ is a type of ritual which shows women empowerment.
  • However , the Ghatasthapana should be considered according to the Shubh Muhurat , because according to Hindu culture it is prohibited during amavasya and night time.
  • Gathsathapana should be done with holy puja ingredients and favourable ingredients of Goddess Shailputri.
  • Then , seeds nine , seven , three or of one crop are sown in the soil created on this day with the ideal of clay. With this , you have water this nine days or for your whole life.With this , it is believed that Goddess Shailputri will always be with you.
  • Take Kalash and fill it with Ganga jal in which suprai , few coins , Ashat (combination of Haldi , kumkum and rice) and durva grass are put in it.
  • Then , surround it with five mango leaves and cover it with coconut.
  • After , this offer puja to the Goddess Shailputri with their aarti and mantra , grant your request to her.
  • After this offer them a sweet dish of white barfi or Kheer as Bhog , disturbing prasad to their devotees as a type of blessing.

Meaning of Shailputri 

The Name of Shailputri is a combination of two words , one is ‘Shail’ and another is ‘Putri’.The Meaning of Shail means mountain and purti means Daughter.With this , she is Daughter of Himalaya’s and known by their father’s name.

About Shailputri

  • .As the Shailputri is also known as Sati , Hemavati , Partipada and Parvati.
  • Goddess Shailputri was the wife of Lord Shiva named Pravati. She is also known as ‘Adisakhti’.
  • With their Devotees , Goddess Shailputri is seated on her Mount nandi (Bull). She has two hands , in her right hand trident (Trishul) and in her left hand lotus flower , however half moon on her head.

All Navaratris Date of 1st day, 2020 :

Day Date
Magha Gupta Navratri25 January 2020
Chaitra Navratri25 March 2020
Ashadha Gupta Navratri22 June 2020
Shardiya Navratri17 October 2020

Importance of 1st day of Navratri 

  • As the Goddess Durga is known as a model of power and glories , Goddess Shailputri is also the incarnation of power and glories which are unlimited.
  • As the Goddess Shailputri had half moon on their head which overcomes the chandra dosh/horoscope of moon of their devotees , by considering her puja .
  • By worshiping her , she will remove all the problems , hurdles and issues of your life and open the doors of success , health and wealth.

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